Professor, Research Scholar Academy Advisor
Office: BME-212
Phone: 848-445-6561
Interests Include: Quantitative Systems Biology and Pharmacology, Circadian-Immune-Metabolism interactions, Lifestyle and Health
Office: BME-217
Phone: 848-445-6566
Interests Include: Tissue engineering
Nada Boustany
Associate Professor
Office: BME-320
Phone: 848-445-6598
Interests Include: Non-invasive, optically based quantitative cell analysis for cell biology and biotechnology
Office: ENG - C226
Phone: 848-445-6597
Interests Include: Nerve growth and regeneration, acupuncture mechanisms, modeling of biological processes, diversity in engineering and engineering education
Li Cai
Associate Professor
Office: BME-208
Phone: 848-445-6559
Interests Include: Stem cells and computational biology
William Craelius
Office: BME-207
Phone: 848-445-6558
Interests Include: Prosthetic limb restoration; motor control and polymers for tissue engineering; Designing of controllers; robotic devices; signal processing and instrumentation; Entrepreneurial and regulatory experience with medical devices.
Office: BME-213
Phone: 848-445-6688
Interests Include: Noninvasive cardiovascular dynamics, blood pressure instrumentation and modeling, mathematical and computer modeling of the cardiovascular system, nonlinear dynamic systems, and applications for physiological modeling.
Joseph Freeman
Associate Professor
Office: BME-317
Phone: 848-445-6595
Interests Include: Musculoskeletal tissue and biomechanics
Assistant Professor
Office: BME-220
Phone: 848-445-6569
Interests Include: Biomaterials, nanomedicine, self-assembly, biosensing and diagnostics.
Ilker Hacihaliloglu
Assistant Professor
Office: BME-214
Phone: 848-445-6564
Interests Include: Three dimensional (3D) medical image analysis, computer vision, image-guided therapy and surgery, and multi-modality and multi-parametric imaging with an emphasis on ultrasound
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice
Office: BME-328C
Phone: 848-445-6578
Interests Include: Biomaterials, tissue engineering, medical devices, assistive technology
Noshir Langrana
Distinguished Professor, Interim UG Director
Office: BME-302
Phone: 848-445-6579
Interests Include: Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering
John Li
Distinguished Professor
Office: BME-305
Phone: 848-445-6582
Interests Include: Cardiovascular engineering, modeling, medical devices, and controlled drug delivery
Adrian Mann
Office: CCR-214
Phone: 848-445-8421
Interests Include: Nanomechanical behavior of materials
Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor for Research & Academic Affairs
Distinguished Professor
Office: Old Queens-Suite 207
Phone: 848-932-2698
Interests Include: High dimensional biology, profiling of cell-material interactions, nanobiomaterials, and nanobiointerfaces
Thomas Papathomas
Office: 152 Frelinghuysen Road, A127 Psychology Annex
Phone: 848-445-6533
Interests Include: Perception of 3-D objects, computational models of visual mechanisms, schizophrenia research
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor, Medicine
Office: BME-304
Phone: 848-445-6563
Interests Include: Cell therapy, genetic engineering, biomaterials science and tissue engineering, bioreactors, drug delivery, biomanufacturing, systems and computational biology
Mark Pierce
Associate Professor
Office: BME-222
Phone: 848-445-6570
Interests Include: Optical imaging systems for diagnosis and management of cancer.
Office: BME-205
Phone: 848-445-6686
Interests Include: Molecular Bioengineering: developing an understanding of molecular interactions in a biological context and exploiting this knowledge for the improved design of bioengineered products
Office: BME-310
Phone: 848-445-6584
Interests Include: Research in our lab deal with mechanisms for self-assembly in cells and in mixing problems.
George Shoane
Office: BME-306
Phone: 848-445-6583
Interests Include: Eye movement control; myopia development; sports medicine
David Shreiber
Professor, Department Chairman
Office: BME-113/312
Phone: 848-445-6873/6589
Interests Include: Central Nervous System injury, repair, and regeneration.
Assistant Professor
Office: BME-218
Phone: 848-445-6567
Interests Include: Medical Device Prototyping, Biomaterials Development, Drug Delivery, and Glial Cell Physiology
Associate Professor
Office: BME-219
Phone: 848-445-6568
Interests Include: Microfluidics, Neural Cells, Regenerative Medicine
Paul & Mary Monroe Chair & Distinguished Professor
Office: BME-231
Phone: 848-445-6528
Interests Include: Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine; Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapeutics; BioMEMS and BioNanotechnology, Medical Devices
Jeffrey Zahn
Professor, Acting Graduate Director
Office: BME-311
Phone: 848-445-6587
Interests Include: Microscale transport phenomena, Microfluidics, BioMEMS