Professor, Research Scholar Academy Advisor
Office: BME-212
Phone: 848-445-6561
Interests Include: Quantitative Systems Biology and Pharmacology, Circadian-Immune-Metabolism interactions, Lifestyle and Health
Office: BME-217
Phone: 848-445-6566
Interests Include: Tissue engineering
Nada Boustany
Office: BME-320
Phone: 848-445-6598
Interests Include: Non-invasive, optically based quantitative cell analysis for cell biology and biotechnology
Office: ENG - C226
Phone: 848-445-6597
Interests Include: Nerve growth and regeneration, acupuncture mechanisms, modeling of biological processes, diversity in engineering and engineering education
Li Cai
Office: BME-208
Phone: 848-445-6559
Interests Include: Stem cells and computational biology
William Craelius
Professor Emeritus
Office: BME-207
Phone: 848-445-6558
Interests Include: Prosthetic limb restoration; motor control and polymers for tissue engineering; Designing of controllers; robotic devices; signal processing and instrumentation; Entrepreneurial and regulatory experience with medical devices.
Office: BME-213
Phone: 848-445-6688
Interests Include: Noninvasive cardiovascular dynamics, blood pressure instrumentation and modeling, mathematical and computer modeling of the cardiovascular system, nonlinear dynamic systems, and applications for physiological modeling.
Joseph Freeman
Professor, Graduate Program Director
Office: BME-317
Phone: 848-445-6595
Interests Include: Musculoskeletal tissue and biomechanics
Associate Professor, Graduate Admissions Co-Director
Office: BME-220
Phone: 848-445-6569
Interests Include: Artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, nanomaterials, polymers, self-assembly.
Associate Teaching Professor, Undergraduate Director
Office: BME-328C
Phone: 848-445-6578
Interests Include: Biomaterials, tissue engineering, medical devices, assistive technology
Noshir Langrana
Distinguished Professor
Office: BME-302
Phone: 848-445-6579
Interests Include: Biomechanics and Tissue Engineering
John Li
Distinguished Professor
Office: BME-305
Phone: 848-445-6582
Interests Include: Cardiovascular engineering, modeling, medical devices, and controlled drug delivery
Adrian Mann
Office: CCR-214
Phone: 848-445-8421
Interests Include: Nanomechanical behavior of materials
Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
Distinguished Professor
Office: Winants Hall, Room 220
Phone: 848-932-2600
Interests Include: High dimensional biology, profiling of cell-material interactions, nanobiomaterials, and nanobiointerfaces
Assistant Professor
Office: 304
Phone: 848-445-6567
Interests Include: Wearable devices and energy harvesting systems for biomedical applications
Thomas Papathomas
Professor Emeritus
Office: 152 Frelinghuysen Road, A127 Psychology Annex
Phone: 848-445-6533
Interests Include: Perception of 3-D objects, computational models of visual mechanisms, schizophrenia research
Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor, Medicine
Office: BME-304
Phone: 848-445-6563
Interests Include: Cell therapy, genetic engineering, biomaterials science and tissue engineering, bioreactors, drug delivery, biomanufacturing, systems and computational biology
Mark Pierce
Associate Professor
Office: BME-222
Phone: 848-445-6570
Interests Include: Optical imaging systems for diagnosis and management of cancer.
Professor, Department Chair
Office: BME-205
Phone: 848-445-6686
Interests Include: Molecular Bioengineering: developing an understanding of molecular interactions in a biological context and exploiting this knowledge for the improved design of bioengineered products
Office: BME-310
Phone: 848-445-6584
Interests Include: Research in our lab deal with mechanisms for self-assembly in cells and in mixing problems.
George Shoane
Office: BME-306
Phone: 848-445-6583
Interests Include: Eye movement control; myopia development; sports medicine
David Shreiber
Professor, Department Chair
Office: BME-113/312
Phone: 848-445-6873/6589
Interests Include: Central Nervous System injury, repair, and regeneration.
Assistant Professor
Office: BME-218
Phone: 848-445-6567
Interests Include: Medical Device Prototyping, Biomaterials Development, Drug Delivery, and Glial Cell Physiology
Valerie Tutwiler
Assistant Professor
Office: BME-209
Phone: 848-445-6687
Interests Include: Hemostasis/Thrombosis, Biomechanics, Fibrin, Inflammation, Trauma Induced Coagulopathy
Office: BME-219
Phone: 848-445-6568
Interests Include: Microfluidics, Neural Cells, Regenerative Medicine
Paul & Mary Monroe Endowed Chair & Distinguished Professor
Office: BME-231
Phone: 848-445-6528
Interests Include: Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine; Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapeutics; BioMEMS and BioNanotechnology, Medical Devices
Jeffrey Zahn
Professor, Graduate Admissions Co-Director
Office: BME-311
Phone: 848-445-6587
Interests Include: Microscale transport phenomena, Microfluidics, BioMEMS