Adrian B. Mann

Adrian Mann


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Ph.D., Materials, Oxford University, 1996
M.S., Electronics, Nottingham University, 1989
B.S., Physics, Nottingham University, 1988


Journal of Materials Research, Associate Editor, Biomaterials (since 2006)

Research Interests

Our research is focused on the nanoscale characterization and fabrication of materials and systems. We are particularly interested in the nanomechanics of materials, surfaces and interfaces, including biological materials. Current projects include studies of surface chemical effects on mechanical deformation, machining damage in ceramics, the properties of diseased dental tissues and bones, and the synthesis of ultra-long nanofibers for biomedical and electronic device applications.

Selected Publications

Recent Publications

  1. F. Quintero, J. Pou, R. Comesaña, F. Lusquiños, A. Riveiro, A.B.Mann, R.G.Hill, Z.Y.Wu, J.R.Jones, Laser Spinning of Bioactive Glass Nanofibers, Advanced Functional Materials, 19, 3084-3090 (2009).
  2. N.B.Kavukcuoglu, P.Patterson-Buckendahl & A.B.Mann, Effect of Osteocalcin Deficiency on the Nanomechanics and Chemistry of Mouse Bones, Journal of the Mechanical Behavior of Biomedical Materials, 2, 348-354 (2009).
  3. S.P.Kotha, C.A.DePaula, A.B.Mann & N.Guzelsu, High Frequency Ultrasound Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Cortical Bone with Varying Amount of Mineral Content, Ultrasound in Medicine & Biology, 34, 630-637 (2008).
  4. A.B.Mann, R.R.Naik, H.C.DeLong & K.H.Sandhage, Biomimetic and Bio-enabled Materials Science and Engineering: Introduction, Journal of Materials Research, 23, 3137-3139 (2008).
  5. G.Fanchini, V.Gupta, A.B.Mann & M.Chhowalla, In situ monitoring of structural changes in boron carbide under electric fields, Journal of the American Ceramics Society, 91, 2666-2669 (2008).
  6. N.Raykar, V.Gupta, B.Kear, M.Chhowalla and A.B.Mann, Nanomechanics of a High H/E Carbonaceous Material, Scripta Materialia, 257(10), 925-928. (2007).
  7. B.Kavukcuoglu, F.Ramirez, E.Artega-Solis, S.Lee-Artega and A.B.Mann, Nanomechanics and Raman spectroscopy of fibrillin 2 knock-out mouse bones, Journal of Materials Science, 42, 8788-8794 (2007).
  8. A.Braly, L.A.Darnell, A.B.Mann, M.F.Teaford and T.P.Weihs, The Effect of Orientation on the Indentation Testing of Human Molar Enamel, Archives of Oral Biology, 52(9), 856-860, (2007).