Degrees Offered

The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees, in addition to focused programs and curricular options.

BS Degrees

Engineering students may elect to pursue a Double Major by fulfilling the major requirements as described for that department (refer to the Undergraduate catalog for details). Generally, a second major is in the area of 30 credits. Students receive an engineering degree with a second major denoted on the transcript. Students should complete the appropriate form at

Dual Degrees must apply to the other school and be accepted. After you are accepted, you must fulfill all requirements for the BA for that particular school (like School of Arts and Sciences or School of Environmental and Biological Sciences). This is a more involved process and includes additional work on top of the ~30 credits for the major. Students interested in this option should schedule an appointment with a Dean in B100 (Academic Services).

Accelerated Master's Programs

Rutgers School of Engineering students are eligible to apply for admission to a variety of accelerated Master's Programs. Admission to any of these programs typically requires a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.200 and junior year status. In some cases an aptitude test such as the GRE or GMAT is also required. These prestigious programs allow students to complete a master's degree in one extra year while simultaneously integrating an undergraduate engineering experience with that of a graduate program. With the higher demands of the work place in today's world, the B.S./Master's programs ensure that students remain competitive by mastering new techniques and extending their expertise within their subject area and/or in the related areas of business. 

There are currently three combined programs available with a B.S. in Engineering. See the following links for details:

BS-MBA (Master of Business Administration - Future Leaders MBA)

During the junior year, students may apply to the Rutgers Business School for admission to the BS/MBA Program. Admission requires a 3.3* cumulative GPA by the end of the junior year and score in the top quartile on the GMAT or GRE exam. Students take up to four MBA courses towards the MBA degree during the senior year of the engineering program. During the fifth year, students complete graduate studies and receive their MBA degree. Find out more>>

BS-MS/ME (Master of Science, or Master of Engineering)

The goal of the BME BS/MS Program is to allow academically qualified students to receive the Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees for BME in a shortened time frame (5 years). It is strongly recommended students use the James J. Slade Scholars program along with the BS/MS program. This highly intensive academic program gives students more research experience and better prepares them for research and development careers or further graduate study. Find out more>>

BS-MBS (Master of Business and Science)

The Master of Business and Science degree at Rutgers is a hybrid degree combining courses from an MS and MBA. Students choose an applied science concentration and that is paired with a business curriculum. The business curriculum consists of core courses in finance and accounting, marketing, communication and leadership, management of science and technology electives, ethics and a capstone course covering entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship. Find out more>>


BME students are either not eligible to do the BS/MD program or they will be expected to take the full four years to complete the program.