Co-Op Program for Undergrads

The Biomedical Engineering Co-operative Education Program provides our undergraduates the opportunity to complete a 6-month, paid co-op while finishing all degree requirements within four academic years.

Experiential learning, such as a co-op position, can play a critical role in training and education, especially in engineering, as a vital complement to what is learned in the classroom and the laboratory. Co-ops provide students with opportunities to tackle real-world problems with real-world constraints, which are frequently lacking in academic exercises. Co-ops also allow students to develop and hone their professional skills, expand their professional network, and build their resume.

BME students who participate in this program will:

•   Be assisted in securing a co-op position during the spring semester of their sophomore year
•   Complete a portion of their coursework during the summer session
•   Take a regular fall course load in fall of their junior year
•   Complete a professional preparedness class during the winter session
•   Pursue the co-op full time during the spring semester of their junior year and the following summer
•   Return to Rutgers in fall on schedule to graduate in May of the senior year


From a company’s perspective, supporting a co-op allows:

•   A “sneak-peek” at some of the most talented undergraduates in New Jersey and across the country
•   Relationship building with the top biomedical engineering program in New Jersey
•   Fulfillment of a broader mission to the community


The program was officially launched at the start of 2019 thanks to participation from the following companies:

•   Celgene
•   Collagen Matrix
•   Envigo
•   Merck
•   Orthobond
•   OrthogenRx


We are in discussions with over 40 other companies to further grow and develop this exciting new program!