Academic Advisers

The School of Engineering offers advising to all students. For more information, click here.

For all general academic questions and for questions regarding BME societies, please contact Linda Johnson, the undergraduate administrator at In addition, each class has two advisers divided by alphabetical order, and three track advisers to assist students in selection of department electives and their research interest. In parallel, we have an adviser for honor students; they are either BME Honors, or Aresty or Slade students. They meet as a group on a bi-weekly basis with the adviser. Please e-mail all advisers for appointments.

Class Advising

Class of 2018
Dr. Ioannis Androlaukis

Class of 2017
Dr. William Craelius

Dr. John K-J Li

Class of 2016
Dr. Li Cai

Dr. Joseph Freeman

Class of 2015
Dr. Gary Drzewiecki

Dr. George Shoane

Track Advising

Biomedical Computing, Imaging, and Instrumentation (BCII)
Dr. Nada Boustany

Dr. Mark Pierce

Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering (BRE)
Dr. William Craelius

Dr. Jeffrey Zahn 

Tissue Engineering and Molecular Bioengineering (TEMB)
Dr. Li Cai

Dr. Troy Shinbrot