February 2001

February 1, 2001
The New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology recently announced the award of a $2.5 million, 5 year grant to establish a Center for Molecular and Biomolecular Imaging. The Center is a joint venture between investigators at Rutgers and Princeton led by a team of three principal investigators: Stanley Dunn, John Semmlow, and Warren Warren.  

November 2000

November 16, 2000
Professor Joachim Kohn, Director of Rutgers' Center for Biomaterials Science and Board of Governors discussed "Tissue Regeneration: What Does it Mean for New Jersey?" at the 44th session of Rutgers' New Jersey Public Policy Seminar Series in Trenton. Rutgers' Center for Biomaterials Science is a leading program developing the basic platform technologies to bring tissue regeneration therapies to the clinic.

September 2000

September 29, 2000
This past summer Professor Kathryn Uhrich, an Associate Professor in Chemistry, and Associate Faculty Member in Biomedical Engineering spun off a company, Polymerix Corp. to develop new polymeric drugs with unique properties. The first example, polyaspirin, is salicylic acid formulated as a polymer.
September 27, 2000
A consortium of scientist led by Professor Guy Montelione, Professor of Molecular Biology and Associate Faculty Member in Biomedical Engineering, was awarded a $25 million 5-year grant to determine the structure and function of proteins. The goal of this cutting-edge programs is to use Structural Genomics tools to advance the results of the Human Genome Project to a more functional level, and thereby open new opportunities for therapeutics.