BME Student Organizations

Alpha Eta Mu Beta

The Biomedical Engineering Honor Society is a student-led group dedicated to bringing biomedical engineers and students closer together to advance their knowledge and potential, as well as recognize the accomplishments of their peers. This organization may also assist students with research opportunities as they progress through the undergraduate curriculum.

Biomedical Engineering Society 

The Rutgers Biomedical Engineering Society provides academic, professional, career development, and social events for BME students while promoting the field of Biomedical Engineering to the general public. The society also works closely with the BME Department to effectively and efficiently solve issues facing the BME community. Membership is open to current Rutgers BME undergraduates.

Bioengineering Society

The Rutgers University Bioengineering Society is dedicated to cultivating interest in all areas of bioengineering. They host various events, including hosting faculty speakers, to expose students to a variety of bioengineering research topics, and allow students to gain hands-on experience through independent projects. Their hope is to encourage development of intellectual diversity, paramount for success in today's interdisciplinary academic and work environments. For more information, students can email

BioEngineering Student Society

The BioEngineering Student Society is a student-run organization dedicated to uniting graduate students interested in bioengineering and associated fields within Rutgers University. 

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