William Craelius

William Craelius

Professor Emeritus

Biomedical Engineering

Office Hours: By appointment
Website: DextraHand

William Craelius has authored over 50 peer reviewed articles, 1 book, 5 book chapters, 1 book review, 4 patents, conference proceedings, 10 presentations, more than 100 selected abstracts & proceedings, and many editorial positions.


Post-doctoral Fellow, Neurophysiology, Stanford University, 1975-1978
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Northwestern University, 1975
M.S., Environmental Health Engineering, University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez, 1971
B.S., Mechanical Analysis & Design, University of Illinois - Chicago, 1969


  • Elected Fellow in American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers, 2003
  • Research on Prosthetic Hand highlighted by President Lawrence (Rutgers) in speech to U.S. Congress, June 25, 1998
  • Finalist in Discover Magazine innovation of the year award, June 1999
  • Research highlighted in Scientific American, October 1998, and in National media
  • Invitation by Governor Whitman to represent Rutgers at the “Forum on Technology Education”, June 18, 1998, Princeton, NJ.
  • Selected (with student) one of top 3 papers for competition at the Computers in Cardiology    
  • Meeting, September 1998. Selected (with student) one of top 3 papers for competition at AAMI meeting, 1998 
  • Editor and General Chair, 3rd Annual Biomedical Engineering Symposium, 1994
  • Editor, Proceedings of 22nd Northeast Bioengineering Annual Meeting, 1996
  • Founder of Prosthetics Training Program at Rutgers/UMDNJ
  • Featured Speaker: Mechanoelectrical Feedback in the Heart, Trento, Italy, 1997
  • Invited Speaker at World Congress of Cardiology, 1994
  • Invited Speaker at European Working Group in Electrophysiology, 1994 
  • NIH National Research Service Award, 1975-78


Professional Affiliations

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers 
  • National Institutes of Health Consultants Bureau
  • American Heart Association Scientific Council
  • American Heart Association Speakers Bureau
  • RESNA : Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America
  • NAPOE : National Association of Prosthetic Educators

Research Interests

In my lab, we study how technology can restore mobility to persons with missing or impaired limbs. My research with amputees developed the first prosthesis that restored multiple finger dexterity. Since then I have translated this technology to assist those with paralysis due to brain injuries. My work with many clients having arm paralysis due to stroke, brain injury and cerebral palsy, has taught me both the potential and limitations of tools that attempt to promote neuroplastic recovery in these populations. I employ technology to measure arm motion and hand control, using cameras and various sensors, and have demonstrated their therapeutic potential. We are also developing new growth substrates for helping nerves regenerate.

Selected Publications

Nuria Royo-Gascon, Michael Winniger, Bonnie Firestein, Jerry Scheinbeim, William Craelius, Piezoelectric Substrates Promote Neurite Growth in Rat Spinal Cord Neurons Annals of Biomedical Engineering, 2012. (.pdf file)

Michael Winniger, Nam H. Kim, William Craelius, Reformulation in the Phase Plane Enhances Smoothness Rater Accuracy in Stroke Journal of Motor Behavior, 44:3 149-159, 2012. (.pdf file)

Don Yungher & William Craelius, Improving fine motor function after brain injury using gesture recognition biofeedbackDisability and Rehabilitation: Assistive Technology 1-5, 2012. (.pdf file)

Gautam S. Natarajan, Michael Wininger, Nam H. Kim, William Craelius, Relating biceps EMG to elbow kinematics during self-paced arm flexions Medical Engineering & Physics 34:617-624, 2011. (.pdf file)

Yungher, D., M. Wininger, M. Baar, W. Craelius, and A. Threlkeld, Surface Muscle Pressure As A Measure Of Active And Passive Behavior Of Muscles During Gait Medical Engineering & Physics 33:464-471, 2011. (.pdf file)