Rutgers TechAdvance Award #2

Thomas Papathomas has been awarded two grants from TechAdvance and the New Jersey Health Foundation (NJHF) to develop and test a patent-pending portable device as a diagnostic and evaluating tool for schizophrenia, in his collaboration with Steve Silverstein of RBHS.
Below are a few more details for you:
1. The first grant (Portable Application for Diagnosing and Assessing Therapeutic Efficacy of Schizophrenia) is by TechAdvance. It will support the final stages of developing a stand-alone application for a smartphone that will enable testing of SZ patients in their own environment. It will also fund experiments to confirm evidence for differences in the perception of 3D faces between patients and healthy controls.
2. The second grant (Smartphone-based portable illness-monitoring tool for schizophrenia) is by New Jersey Health Foundation (NJHF) and the main goal is to test inpatients upon hospital admission and re-test them in various stages of their treatment, as their symptoms subside.