NSF Highlights Rutgers BME Research on Brain-on-a-Chip

The National Science Foundation has chosen innovative research performed at Rutgers BME to highlight the impact of NSF-supported research in securing national health and well-being. The project entitled Brain-on-a-Chip is a collaborative effort among several faculty led by Professor Martin Yarmush including Professors Jeff Zahn, Nada Boustany, and Bonnie Firestein. These investigators and their lab personnel have produced a working traumatic brain injury model on a chip which can assist researchers in gaining a better understanding of illnesses caused by brain dysfunction and aid in the discovery of medicines for their treatment. The full story can be found at [https://medium.com%2F%40NSF%2Fbrain-on-a-chip-model-may-lead-to-new-trea...@NSF/brain-on-a-chip-model-may-lead-to-new-treatments-for-traumatic-brain-injury-d0c0d58a9375