PhD Program in Biomedical Engineering

The doctoral program in Biomedical Engineering at Rutgers is primarily a research-oriented degree for students showing promise for original contributions to the fundamental understanding of biomedical engineering and its applications. The degree is a virtual requirement for those who intend to join academia, as well as for those planning on a research career. 

At Rutgers, we offer two programs for our PhD students--the traditional PhD as well as a MD/PhD program--both in conjunction with Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. For more information on either program, follow the links on the pane to the left.

Rutgers BME also offers a PhD training program in biotechnology, one of a select group of programs throughout the country funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH). 

The aim of the program is to train a new breed of creative investigators who are able to translate basic science discoveries into technology developments for the needs of society, government, and industry. Students in the program; (1) become well educated within a single biotechnology-related discipline (e.g.biochemistry, chemical engineering, molecular biology), and (2) become fluent in the language, approaches and principles of the biological and physical sciences, in general. Find out more>>